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Hereby, the Player confirms his/her awareness and agrees that act in a way of entering the Game, the Player confirms that he/she has read the Anti-Cheat Rules and expressly consents with the Innova’s access to the information and processes as provided in this Anti-Cheat Rules, and agrees to comply with them.

Anti-Cheat Rules

For struggle against violations of the fair game rules while using the Game, Innova established these Anti-Cheat Rules. The acceptance of and compliance with this Anti-Cheat Rules is a material pre-condition to use the Game.

The Notion and Types of Cheating

The violation of the rules of fair game is any kind of cheating which covers the use of programs (cheats) or equipment specifically created or modified for getting (including with assistance or in a more simple manner) an advantage in the Game using the prohibited/unauthorized/non-compliant means. Programs (third-party software, code and/or method) or equipment which, on Innova’s opinion allow cheating/unfair/fraudulent activities of any nature such as, but not limited to, invasion into, modification or facilitation of the Game process, interception or collection of information, and which is detected by Innova, are cheating programs. The use of such programs/equipment result in penalties as set forth in the License Agreement and the document “Violations and Penalties”. If Innova finds out that the Player uses means that generate a non-standard response of a game character in the ordinary game situations and resulting in an inequality of the game characters' abilities in the Game but the nature of such means is not known to Innova at the moment of its detection, Innova can treat such Player as a cheater and such using will consist a violation of this Anti-Cheat Rules and, penalties could be imposed against such Player under the License Agreement and the document “Violations and Penalties”.

Control of Fair Game

In order to provide a comfortable environment for all players, using the Game Innova is using a special software which is anti-cheater program (hereinafter - “Anti-Cheater Program” or “Program”). the Player agrees that the Anti-cheater Program scans the programs/processes running on the Player’s computer while using the Game as set in the Anti-Cheat Rules and confirms his/her agreement with provisions of the Anti-Cheat Rules. If the Player disagrees with access by Innova to information on his/her computer for fair Game and analytics purposes, such this Player may not use the Game and will opt out from playing in the Game.

By using the Game, the Player agrees that during the Game Process Innova will have access to the following information:

  • the list of processes running on the system during the Game
  • specific registry keys that affect the launch and functioning of the Game
  • the list of files in the Game folder
  • the list of executable .dll files loaded into the Game process
  • about the operating system and the installed antivirus software on the Licensee’s computer

The Anti-cheater Program detects the use of cheats (third partyprograms) by scanning the Game memory, the system memory and verifying the original Game files on the disk (in the system) to confirm that the original Game files were not changed (modified). The Game files are subjected to the most detailed scanning. Once the scanning is completed, the Anti-cheater Program replaces or permanently delete any files detected in the folder (directory) of the Game and its subfolders (directories). Any use of special programs (both acquired and created independently) constitutes obtaining of a groundless Game advantage over other players. In event of a dispute, Innova reviews and analyzes the records (logs) made by the Anti-cheater Program. Only running cheats are subject to review.

The information scanned by the Anti-cheater Program is used by Innova exclusively to:

  • to determine whether there are any unauthorized third-party programs on the Player’s computer are used while playing the Game or in the Game folder or running third-party programs on the computer
  • to improve the compatibility of anti-virus programs with the Anti-cheater Program
  • to improve the Anti-cheater Program itself in order to protect fair players.

If the Anti-cheater Program detects the use of cheats, immediate sanctions shall be applied to the Player in accordance with the document “Violations and Penalties” and other documents and information referred hereinabove.