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Dear User!

In the foreseeable future Innova Co. S.à r.l., Luxembourg, is going to run a beta testing (“BT”, “testing”) of MMORPG “RF Online” (“Game”).

During BT users will be offered an opportunity to participate in a testing of the Game which is run in order to pinpoint errors and problems in the game’s functioning, game mechanics and localization flaws, and test the interface and other elements of the game. At the time of testing all participants will be given a possibility to inform Innova Co. about flaws and bugs and other information concerning the Game. All terms of BT will be described in a Beta test agreement available for familiarization before the start date of testing.

Beforehand, for the purposes of estimating market tone and user’s interests related to the Game Innova will offer you to apply for a participating in BT by clicking the button “Sign up” on . In order to participate in BT or to apply for a participation in BT you have to have an account on 4game Service (to be a registered user of 4game Service) or to create an account on 4game Service at

Based on the information received through this application page Innova will decide whether the Game could be interesting to the public, or not a sense to provide a BT of this Game.

In case of positive solution participants will receive notifications via e-mail of the start of the  beta testing and related information. In order to take part in the BT it is required to accept terms and condition of the testing described in the Beta test agreement. These rules will be posted on in advance to the testing. The rules include necessary requirements and instructions for becoming a participant of testing.

Should you decide to terminate your participation in the BT and/or stop receiving notifications from Innova Co. (and/or its affiliates) CCR Inc., concerning the BT, please inform the company about your decision via e-mail:, with the subject “BT RF Online”.

Innova Co S.à r.l.

16 RUE ERASME, L-1468 Luxembourg.