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Conquest: The Source of Flame

Worlds ignite

Step into the immense universe of cult MMORPG Lineage 2 and challenge other players in heated battles between entire servers!
Against the world
Conquest is a unique world where players from a single server can set their differences aside and unite forces against the population of other servers in a massive clash. Jump into heated PvP and PvE battles in the new fire version of Conquest!
Tailored for you

The flame version of Conquest includes both PvE and PvP special zones, as well as peaceful zones. You can choose your favorite kind of fun!

Server vs server

The endgame goal is to prove the superiority of your server. Hunting in new locations, each player contributes to the total number of points for their server.

The power of fire

Discover five new flame abilities. Some of them enhance your attack, while others will boost your defense. To get these powers you will have to ignite the flame... or take it from others by force.

Blooming flowers

This magnificent and terribly hot terrain is covered with peculiar flowers. Picking these will also grant you server points and even additional personal rewards.

Even more to explore

Ice Queen’s Castle

Princess Freya’s heart was engulfed by darkness. She became the Ice Queen bringing terror to the neighborhood. If you are Lv. 115 or higher, gather your comrades and storm the new dungeon. Numerous valuable rewards await you there, the most coveted of them a necklace of extraordinary beauty and power.

New special zones

Breka’s Stronghold

The ferocious Orc tribe is eager to challenge parties of adventurers of Lv. 120 and higher. There are not too many monsters there, but their respawn time is rather short. An ideal place for leveling up!

Execution Grounds

This dreadful place is crawling with zombies, ghouls and other kinds of undead. Surviving there is a struggle without tough allies, so make sure to gather a party of Lv. 126+ comrades if you wish to test your courage.

Solo Zones

Conquer the Sel Mahum Base to get valuable rewards! This camp of belligerent lionmen is available starting from Lv. 124. And if you are Lv. 126 and higher, try hunting magic monsters in the Shadow of the Mother Tree.

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Find battle comrades in the recruiting section and on discord channel.


Get lvl 85
in an hour

Story quests will quickly pave you the path from lvl 1 to lvl 85


Conquer world-famous
Lineage 2

Visit dungeons and session zones daily to get more experience and valuable consumables

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