Payment Policy

Payment Policy

1. General terms 

1.1. This Policy describes payment procedure for and related on-line game projects operated by Innova. 

Fee-Based Services are provided by Innova in exchange of payments made by the User. 

All available payment methods are user-friendly, efficient, and completely secure. Once the User makes a payment through any payment method to his or her 4game account, he or she shall be able to get Fee-Based Services in Innova’s game projects. There are no direct payments into inGame shops bypassing the User’s 4game account. 

1.2. All Fee-Based Services, including inGame items, Premium Account Service etc., are the Game Services by their nature. They are not delivered on physical carriers or in any material form. The only way how they can be provided is their provision within Game Process. 

General system and technical requirements applicable to the Services are relevant for the Fee-Based Services as well. System and technical requirements for the User’s PC are published in the separate document in “Legal information” on If the User’s PC doesn’t meet these requirements please do not order or “purchase” Fee-Based Services. The Fee-Based Services are not subject to refund in case of such inconformity. 

Innova reserves the rights to: 

  • Change the Services, technical requirements for the User’s PC;
  • Change fees, prices, payment methods and procedures;
  • Change this Policy.

Change of prices of Fee-Based Services does not mean that the User that has already paid for the Fee-Based Service is obliged to pay any difference in case where the price increases and is not entitled to claim any refunds in case where the price decreases. 

1.3. The User can find the information on Fee-Based Services in this document, on Innova’s site and Game webpages on it, in inGames shops. The price is indicated in inGame shop or Game webpage on and available before purchase. 

The indicated price for the same offer in inGame shops and on is the same for all Users. The User is responsible for all fees in respect of the Internet connection, his or her computer and related communication equipment 

1.4. The contact details of Innova are in Section 5 thereof. Should the User have any questions, he or she may contact Innova’s support team. 

2. How to top up 4game account and pay for fee-based services 

2.1. In order to get Fee-Based Service the User need to top up his or her 4game account. 

2.2. The list of payment methods (payment systems, payment agents) that may be used by the User for payments are described at:

2.3. 4game account can be topped up in Euro only. All prices are defined and indicated in Euro. If the User pays in his or her local currency, then the currency exchange shall be carried out by the payment system (payment agent) under the payment system (payment agent’s) rates and the User’s 4game account is topped up in Euro. Additional currency exchange fees can be imposed on the User by the payment system. The User is strongly advised to check such exchange rates and fees before payment. 

2.4. In course of game process and by means of game interface the User may pay for Fee-Based Services: inGame items, packs, features, Premium Account (this depends on a particular game project), pre-orders of game items and Game access. Usually Premium Account Services are available on 4game account when the User is logged-in. 

If the User hasn’t enough money on his or her account he or she is not entitled to get the part of the Service he or she wishes to buy. Payment by installments or in arrears is not permitted. 

2.5. The User shall be liable for monitoring his or her 4game account, availability of amounts for getting Fee-Based Services, fees and charges. 

2.6. The User may top up 4game account by the Gift Certificate as well as transfer the Gift Certificate to a friend.

Gift Certificate is the unique set of numbers (or numbers and symbols) which enables User to top up Individual Account at any relevant segment of 4game Service in case that is supported by 4game Service functionality) upon its activation and pay for Fee-Based Services and other digital services or rights provided by Innova or its affiliates on 4game Service or on the relevant segment of 4game Service. 

Gift Certificate is available in electronic form only.

Gift Certificate is a digital representation of value in its nature and is not a security (or security in electronic form), currency or monetary token, bank account, deposit or other financial product. Gift Certificate confirms the right of the User who purchased it or the User to whom Gift Certificate is transferred to top up the Individual Account on 4game Service or its relevant segment to replenish the Individual Account in the amount of Gift Certificate nominal value. The nominal value of Gift Certificate is set by 4game Service functionality. 

The interface of 4game Service, its content, displayed currency on Individual Account, where the balance of each is displayed separately, changes depending on the displayed language, the party operated of the relevant segment of 4game Service and the territorial application of the legal documents available at such segment of 4game Service. 

In order to top up 4game account related to relevant segment of 4game Service through the use of Gift Certificate the User shall be registered on that relevant segment of 4game Service in accordance with the legal documents available and targeted to particular segment of 4game Service and activate Gift Certificate on Individual Account related to such particular segment of 4game Service. 

The User may buy Gift Certificate exclusively being logged into the Individual Account on 4game Service. Within no more than 24 hours from the moment the funds are debited as payment for Gift Certificate, Gift Certificate is delivered to the e-mail connected with the Individual Account where the purchasing of Gift Certificate took place, and/or will be displayed in the "Codes" section in such Individual Account. The User may cancel the purchase of Gift Certificate until it is sent to the email or displayed in "Codes" section. If the Gift Certificate have already been sent to User’s email or became available on Individual Account, the purchase cannot be cancelled. The obligation to credit funds in order to replenish Individual Account is performed by the legal entity operating particular segment of 4game Service on the territory under a suspensive condition, which is Gift Certificate activation by the User. 

Only the payment methods listed on 4game Service at the moment of Gift Certificate purchase are applicable.

You can activate Gift Certificate in the "Codes" section being logged in your Individual Account on 4game Service. Under Gift Certificate activation means the action of inserting of the code by Gift Certificate holder in the field over the button called "Activate" and pressing this button afterwards. Activation of a Gift Certificate is understood as the act of entering the code by the owner of the Gift Certificate in the field above the "Activate" button and then pressing this button.

Activation is possible only during Gift Certificate validity period that equals to 1 year from the date of its purchase and until 23:59 on the day preceding the last day of the Gift Certificate validity period (CET, UTC+1). The validity period of the Gift Certificate is not interrupted and in any case begins to run from the moment of its purchase. 

After Gift Certificate activation the nominal value of Gift Certificate is credited to the Individual Account where it was activated. Funds from Gift Certificate upon its activation will be transferred to the relevant currency of Individual account where activation take place.

If the User activates Gift Certificate on Individual Account the currency of which differs from the currency of Individual Account where Gift Certificate was purchased, at the time of activation the nominal value of Gift Certificate will be converted at the exchange rate on Yahoo Finance for the replenishment currency, officially established and published on the last day preceding the day of Gift Certificate activation (and if there is no rate on such day, then on the last day on which such rate was set).


Since Gift Certificate validity period is limited to 1 year from the date of its purchase, the User who transfers Gift Certificate should clarify for the User to whom it is transferred the validity period of transferred Gift Certificate, its nominal value and activation conditions. The easiest way to bring such information to the attention of the transferee is to resend the email from 4game Service received at the moment of Gift Certificate purchasing (email with Gift Certificate code as described in this section above). The User to whom Gift Certificate was transferred also can check the conditions related to Gift Certificate by contacting the relevant 4game Service support team, namely the one that is in charge for the service where Gift Certificate was purchased or where Gift Certificate is going to be activated. To avoid fraud do not purchase Gift Certificate anywhere except 4game Service. The User who bought Gift Certificate or to whom it was transferred is solely responsible for any consequences associated with non-compliance with this condition.

You can activate Gift Certificate only once in its entirety, partial activation is not possible. The number of Gift Certificate that could be purchased by one User and Gift Certificate recipient who can activate Gift Certificate may be limited by 4game Service functionality.

It is only allowed to use Gift Certificate as i) gratuitous transfer (donation) by the User who purchased it to the User registered on 4game Service, ii) activation by User who purchased it by himself.

An activated Gift Certificate is not subject to exchange and return, as well as repeated replenishment and reuse. Funds replenished to Individual Account upon Gift Certificate activation cannot be transferred to other accounts or withdrawn from the account (transferred to a bank account). As soon as Gift Certificate was activated, the funds replenished to the Individual Account will be linked to this account.

Only the User who bought Gift Certificate can request for a refund of a non-activated Gift Certificate and no later than within 1 year from the date of its purchase in the event it was not activated yet. A refund is made at the User Individual Account or to the same payment method that Gift Certificate was paid for.

In case of problem with Gift Certificate purchase the User shall contact to the support service of the corresponding segment of 4game Service where the purchase was made. In case of problem with Gift Certificate activation or its inoperability the Use shall contact to the support service of the corresponding segment of 4game Service where Gift Certificate activation is carried out. When contacting the support service for issues related to Gift Certificate, a check could be made within 10 working days (the period can be extended if necessary, which the support service staff will notify you about). Lost Gift Certificate under any circumstances is not restored or reimbursed.

If Gift Certificate have been bought or activated bypassing or in violation of this section or rights and legitimate interests of Innova or its affiliates and/or third parties or have been purchased out of 4game Service (from any third party including other users) the Gift Certificate could be annulled and / or Individual account where Gift Certificate was bought or activated could be blocked and / or funds from activated Gift Certificate could be impounded and/or purchases made in exchange for annulled Gift Certificate could be canceled (in game asserts could be could impounded), provided that there no refund of the cost of annulled Gift Certificate is made.

Innova or its affiliates is not responsible, does not provide additional Gift Certificates and does not compensate for any losses if the User cannot use Gift Certificate as a result of loss, transfer or unauthorized access of third parties to Gift Certificates, since it is bearer and does not require identification. 

3. Fee-based services 

3.1. The following types of Fee-Based Services may be available: 

3.1.1. Premium Account Service (PA) which gives the User additional inGame features (such as higher rates). Premium Account Service activates automatically when the User clicks of the button ”Buy” while the User is logged in. If the User pays for two or more Premium Accounts they activate as well and their periods shall be added to each other automatically. 

Premium Account Services are provided on a daily basis (1-day PA, 7-day PA etc. depends of particular game project), or monthly basis (1-month PA, 2 month PA etc.). 1 month is equal to 30 days regardless of calendar month duration. 

3.1.2. Other Fee-Based Services such as particular inGame items, inGame packs (a set/package/box of inGame items). They are fully provided at the moment of purchase by clicking the button “Buy” (or similar button that depends on a particular game interface). Innova uses the best efforts to keep components of the pack as they were described at the moment of purchase. However the items in the pack can be substituted by the similar items (in terms of the item purpose, game qualities, other criteria) because of the Game updates. Every particular item in the pack is always a component (part) of this pack and the User may not buy this particular inGame item from the pack separately (except the cases the same item is available in the inGame shop independently, not as a part of a pack). 

3.1.3. Pre-Orders Packs (Pre-Orders) with a set of rights and services related to the Game and available for a purchase before the Game public release. Pre-Orders are usually submitted in a form of packs with the mix of the following elements: Game test access, and/or early access; and/or Game items, and/or release access (applicable for the Game with a fee-based access). Every particular item in the pack is always a component (part) of this pack and the User may not buy this particular component from the pack separately (except the cases the same component is available in the inGame shop independently, not as a part of a pack). Please read Pre-Orders Terms and Conditions before the Pre-Orders purchase.

3.2. Under normal technical circumstances, the moment of Fee-Based Services provision to the User is the moment of the payment debiting from the 4game account. However, the Interment connection or some other technical difficulties may cause a lag in their provision. The User is advised to contact Innova’s support team when the lag lasts for more than 30 minutes. 

3.3. Duration of usage of Fee-Based Services starts, continues and ends regardless the User’s presence in the game or logging in, unless otherwise definitely indicated in the description. The reason for User’s absence in the game process may not be a ground for the prolongation of the duration or a refund. 

3.3. The User acknowledges and consents with these Services start and item substitution provisions. 

4. Refunds 

4.1. In case of withdrawal from a relevant game agreement and termination of the agreement by the User within 14 days from enter into a relevant game agreement the User is entitled to get a refund for Premium Account Services according to the following provisions: 

4.1.1. The full price of the Premium account(s) bought is subject to a refund, except the cases states in the Policy (Article 4.3. of the Policy). 

4.1.2. No refund for the Premium account, if the term of Premium account is expired up to the moment of withdrawal / termination of the Agreement. 

4.1.3. A User may claim for the refund of funds paid for the Pre-Orders in the following cases: 

  • Innova calls of the Game release; or
  • within 14 calendar days after the Pre-Order purchase, or
  • within 14 calendar days after the first log-in any Game version first available to the User under the Pre-Order, provided that he/she did not spent on the Game more than 2 hours per all this period in total.

The User hereby understand and agrees that no refunds for other Fee-Based Services (item, packs), except Premium Account Services and Pre-Orders as prescribed above, shall be made.

4.2. Under the relevant game agreement the User is entitled to terminate the agreement at any time within or after 14 days from enter into the Agreement. If the User terminates the Agreement after 14 days from enter into the Agreement he or she is not entitled to get any refunds. 

In exceptional cases Innova may refund the User upon the User’s well-grounded request. 

4.3. Notwithstanding the other provisions of the Policy, there are no refunds: 

  • for bonuses, gifts, awards, prizes, promotional adding to 4game account, compensations, including bonuses as a result of gift certificates (gift codes) activation if case the gift certificate (gift code) was obtained from another User;
  • for inGame items; fully provided Fee-based Services;
  • in case where Innova terminates the relevant agreement on the grounds of a breach of the Agreement by the User; if the Game account or 4game account is banned at any stage of the Game testing due to the violation of the Game rules or User and License Agreement, including when it is impossible to access the Game due to Game account ban on the previous stage of the Game testing;
  • for any services (items, keys, Pre-Orders, codes etc.) got from any third party as a gift or otherwise acquired free of charge;
  • for any services in case of their lost or deletion for any reason, including the components of the Pre-Orders;
  • for Pre-Orders, if the User do not log into the Game or do not redeem the Pre-Order and/or its separate components by available means;
  • for Pre-Orders, when the Pre-Order is already redeemed on other 4game account or the keys to Pre-Orders is already redeemed within its validity period;
  • for Pre-Orders, if Innova postpones the Game testing stage or Game release; because of the technical interruptions or downtime in Game testing stages; in case of technical maintenance after the Game releases provided in the relevant Game User and License Agreement or because if the reason outside Innova’s control;

if the period for the refund claim is expired.4.4. The procedure of a refund: 

Refunds shall be made upon the User’s request after termination of a relevant Agreement. The most preferable way to send such request is a support ticket. 

If the User sends the request by other means (e-mail, post service) he or she shall identify himself or herself and provide Registration Data or other information upon Innova inquiry. 

Refunds shall be made to the User’s 4game account within 14 days from the day of receiving the User’s request. If the relevant Agreement is not terminated or there are no grounds for refunds Innova is entitled to deny a refund. 

The refund is made to the User 4game account, used for the disputed purchase. In no case, the amount of refund will exceed the funds actually spent by the User for the purchase.

4.5. Refunds from 4game account. 

Money that is not spent from 4game account is subject to refund at any time upon termination of all agreement made in respect of Innova’s game projects. If the User has more than one effective agreement with Innova the User shall terminate all such agreements as per provisions of the agreements. 

Refunds shall be made upon the User request as described above. 

Refunds shall be made within 14 days from the day of receiving User’s request and can be made by the same payment system (payment method) as the User used. If the payments system doesn’t provide refund option Innova is entitled to refund by another payment method agreed with the User. If you made a purchase of the Pre-Order via the payment kiosk (if applicable), mobile phone or other means with Push-protocol, a refund shall be made only to your 4game account used for the Pre-Order Purchase.

When claiming a refund the User is required to identify him/herself and take the following steps: 

• the application for termination of this Agreement and all agreement made in respect of game projects has to be sent from the e-mail address that was specified during registration; 

• in accordance with Innova’s instructions the written application for termination mentioned in the previous paragraph has to be signed by the User and sent to Innova (by mail); necessary documents (including a copy of the User’s ID) shall be attached to the application and the necessary data (including the User’s login and password) shall be specified in the application;

• the fact of the payment has to be proved in documentary form: the document shall be attached to the application. 

Upon Innova’s reasonable request the User has provide other documents necessary for the refund. 

Please be aware that the refund request may be postponed or refused in cases where some third party claims in respect of the amounts on the User’s 4game account (e.g. chargeback from payment system) are submitted to Innova or necessary documents and data required for refunds are not provided by the User. 

4.6. For avoidance of fraud in cases of payments, including but not limited to payments with bank cards or other payment means and foe investigation of these cases all payments may be verified by Innova. In such case, the User at Innova’s request shall provide a copy of his or her ID, payment documenting and a copy of his or her bank card on both sides (the card number shall be closed, except for the last 4 digits). In case of failure by the User to provide such documents (by fax or via e-mail as soft copies) within 3 days upon the request date or in case of any doubts as to their authenticity, Innova shall be entitled to suspend the provision of Services to the User. 

4.7. Upon receipt of the User’s application for termination of 4game Service Agreement the User’s account shall be blocked. 

Upon receipt of the User’s withdrawal/termination application (notice) regarding any game the User’s 4game account shall be blocked, unless the User has entered into any other agreements with Innova. If the User has other agreements with Innova the 4game account remains available for the User; however the User’s game account related to the Agreement to be terminated. 

4.8. Refunds for the purchase without 4game account

In case the Pre-Order purchase is made without creation of 4game account, the refund shall be made to the payment means used for the purchase. When the payment mean does not support the refund option (for example, when the bank card is expired), or the refund commission of the payment mean exceeds 20% of the refund amount, Innova and a User will agree on a different refund means. 

5. Contact details 


Innova Co. SARL. 16 RUE ERASME, L-1468 Luxembourg Email: 

The User also may create a support ticket to get necessary information about Fee-Based Services as described in the relevant Agreement or via Support ticket is the most sufficient way to get the information that the User needs.