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Lindvior, the child of Shilen

The mighty dragon that breathes out wind was sent by the Goddess of Death to pave her the way to Aden.

The true hardcore

The risky experiment started in the first chapter of Goddess of Destruction is over. Lineage 2 is coming back to the roots. The Lindvior update will bring back the fun.

Dragon Claw

The weapon full of dragon blood and death agony that no man has seen before.




Choose your class... again

Multitasking is in the past. Not 8 but 34 classes will start the hunt for Lindvior. All different from one another, with their unique skills and mentality.

  • Feoh Archmage
    Magic abilities and large-scale damage.
  • Feoh Soultaker
    Powerful magic attack and debuffs
  • Feoh Mystic Muse
    High speed of magic attacks and vortexes
  • Feoh Storm Screamer
    Powerful magic attack and vortexes
  • Feoh Soulhound
    Strong defence and debuffs
  • Wynn Arcana Lord
    High attack speed and cat summons
  • Wynn Elemental Master
    Powerful critical damage and unicorn summons
  • Wynn Spectral Master
    Powerful attack and dark shade summons
  • Aeore Cardinal
    Quick regeneration and HP recovery
  • Aeore Eva's Saint
    High speed of magic attack and MP recovery
  • Aeore Shilen's Saint
    Powerful magic attacks and MP recovery
  • Iss Hierophant
    Group reinforcement and debuffs
  • Iss Swordmuse
    Group reinforcement and silence skills
  • Iss Spectral Dancer
    Group reinforcement, strong defence and petrifying skills
  • Iss Dominator
    Clan reinforcement, CP recovery and debuffs
  • Iss Doomcryer
    Group reinforcement and HP dimininshing debuffs
  • Yul Sagittarius
    Bows, critical attack rate and critical damage
  • Yul Moonlight Sentinel
    Bows, high attack speed and agility
  • Yul Ghost Sentinel
    Bows and powerful physical attack
  • Yul Trickster
    Crossbows and additional PvP damage
  • Othell Adventurer
    Daggers and sudden attacks
  • Othell Wind Rider
    Daggers, high speed and high critical attack rate
  • Othell Ghost Hunter
    Critical attack and damage reflection
  • Othell Fortune Seeker
    Blunts, swords, spears and spoil
  • Sigel Phoenix Knight
    Swords, blunts and party defence
  • Sigel Hell Knight
    Swords, blunts and Blood Panther summon
  • Sigel Eva's Templar
    Swords, blunts and Buff Cubics
  • Sigel Shilen Templar
    Swords, blunts and Debuff Cubics
  • Tyrr Duelist
    Dual swords and force energy
  • Tyrr Dreadnought
    Spears and multiple enemies damage
  • Tyrr Titan
    Melee attacks and powerful physical attack
  • Tyrr Grand Khavatari
    Fist weapons, high attack speed and force energy
  • Tyrr Maestro
    Blunts, swords, spears and craft
  • Tyrr Doombringer
    Two-handed swords and additional PvP damage

Respect to hunters!

Characters that have yet to reach high levels will get the opportunity to spend more time hunting: many hunting zones have been redesigned and the rewards have become more generous. Surely, new locations have been introduced.

Raider’s Crossroads
Land of Chaos
Nerva Chief Turakan
Hero of the Noble Orcs. The symbol of his tribe. Element — Earth.
A demon from the world of spirits. Turns corpses into monsters. Element — Darkness.
The half-Orc hero turned into a demon. Element — Fire.
The territory of the Frozen Waterfall occupied by the Orc tribe under Triol’s control. Splashed with barracks where those creatures dwell. There is a prison in the settlement.
The Immortal Plateau has changed beyond recognition. It is now occupied by the undead governed by Krogel. Pools of blood surrounded by monster dwellings are scattered all over the place.
Triol decided to use Orcs to his advantage. He turned into their god Pa’agrio and in this disguise founded the Gainak village, where he is mustering his own army.

Saving face

The long-awaited appearance change feature is now available to any existing character. Several new hairstyle and face options have been introduced for each race.


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