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Get more from your subscription

New bonuses – new advantages

  • Even more drop

  • Twice more time
    for Training Camp

  • Unlimited amount
    of Vitality Items

  • Daily gifts from
    the Three-headed Dragon

Maximize your game experience!

Forget killjoy XP grinding with training camp!

Every day your characters can obtain XP and SP even when you are offline. Just enter the camp and start training.

Benefit from being online with PA points

Play the game, gain PA points and spend them in the special store.

  • NPC Recruiter is enrolling for Training camp. You can find him in Aden, Rune, Giran and other major towns.

  • You have 10 hours per day and you can decide when to stop training for one character and start it for another.

Rank up fast and easy

Double rates will speed you up across location to level up much faster. Premium will considerably rank up your character.

  • 200% Experience for any character and 100% to SP Bonus from Vitality

  • Unlimited amount of Vitality items per week

Play multiple accounts simultaneously

Now you are empowered to play in two places at the same time. To fight in two windows register two accounts and buy premium for one of them.

Access your premium account window first and after launch the second one. Now you are ready to spawn your own army.

  • Say, your first character trades in the city and the second one fights off the monsters. Nice.

  • Two premium accounts allow to play in three windows simultaneously.

New gifts and more drop

Double the amount of adena that you obtain and increase your chances for items drop by half. Moreover, Agathion will give you absolutely new gifts.

Kamaloka, an uncharted terrain

Buy premium and get access to Kamaloka, a unique instanced zone. Kill as many mobs as you can within the allotted time.

The higher your rank and the more kills you get, the better reward your character lands. Kamaloka rewards overachievement with valuable items. The instanced zone is available for players up to level 85.

  • Access to the area is provided by NPC stationed in Gludio, Dion, Heine, Oren, Schuttgart and Rune.

  • Depending on your level you character will finds himself in a specific Kamaloka instance. You are allocated 20 minutes to kill as many mobs as you can.

Maximized benefits with Premium

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