Grinding offline — bonuses online

Each day your characters can gain EXP and SP, even if you are offline. Just enter the zone and start training.

Recruiter NPC is set to get new recruits for his Training Camp. You can easily find him in Aden, Rune, Giran, and 7 other large cities.

You have 10 hours per day — it’s up to you to decide what type of leveling up you prefer for your characters.

PA points — profit on your in-game time

Spend your online time as usual, earn PA points and spend them in our special store.

Super boosted leveling

Double rates will let you to spend less time in each location to get new levels. Premium account will significantly speed up leveling for your characters.

Double basic basic experience and +100 % to EXP and SP gain for Energy for any character.

Unlimited amount of energy items per week.

Two windows — two accounts

Now you can be in two places at the same time — register two accounts, purchase premium subscription for one of the accounts and play in two windows.

While one of your characters may be trading in a city, the other one can fight monsters.

You can play three windows at once with two premium accounts.

Balthus Knights

Quick character creation systems. Select this option when creating your character -> go through a short narrative quest (about 10-30 min.) ->start right from level 85 and with a set of temporary equipment


Fishing — automatic grinding system + bonuses, where no player control is needed. BUT, unlike the Training Camp, the character must be online.

Send your messages right to the world chat

Send up to 10 messages per day after Lv. 85. Dedicated red chat showing its messages to the whole game world (server).

Premium account — maximum opportunities

Select your desired period of subscription. The longer the period, the more you save.