In unity, there is power

Essence is an ideal version for playing solo: each class is
self-dependent and auto-hunting makes leveling up easy breezy for
you. But in order not to miss a huge amount of interesting content,
it’s better to join a clan or create your own. It’s not about simple
castle sieges any more, new PvP and PvE activities designed
specially for clans wait for you.

Last Imperial Tomb

In this dungeon, you and your clan will be able to challenge Prince Frintezza, who sold his soul to a demon and became the embodiment of evil. You will have to defeat not only the prince and his demon Scarlet Van Halisha, but also minions of darkness. Only a close-knit army can cope with this! If you’re lucky, you will receive a new epic accessory — Frintezza’s Necklace.

Dwelling of Spirits

Dwelling of Spirits

This new clan raid zone will meet you with throngs of monsters and the wrath of elemental lords. Find a suitable tactic to defeat them — each element is dangerous in its own way! Only a truly powerful clan will be able to defeat all four of the lords in the allotted time and get maximum rewards!

New opportunities for clans

New opportunities for clans

Evolve your clan up to level 10 to receive even more bonuses. Complete clan tasks with your friends or fight with other guilds for leadership on the server. The new system of hostile clans takes PvP to the next level! Thanks to the updated war tags you will definitely notice the enemy. Don’t let them slip away!

Last Imperial Tomb

Take part in new modes!

Conquering the world alone is honourable and all but sometimes it is essential to feel fellowship in a battle.

Earn points in the PvP ranking by delivering the last blow in a battle or by killing a PK character. Players from 1-3 places in the rating can use the location sharing system for free and receive a unique kill animation. The rating is updated weekly.

Fast leveling

Walk this path quickly to fight in real battles as soon as possible.

Character gains EXP, while you sleep

Lineage 2 Essence saves the time of the players. Turn the auto-hunt function on and your character will level up by itself, using set consumable items — runes and EXP scrolls.

Class and equipment

Do not worry about starting equipment. At level 20 you will receive the first set of armor and a special Aden weapon, which will evolve with you up to level 75!

Support features

Level up faster with the help of special amplifiers, which are available only in Lineage 2 Essence. Magic Lamp will provide additional experience. And if Sayha’s Grace bar is filled, EXP and SP points and a drop rate are doubled. Moreover, a character obtains a unique in-game currency for usage in a special store.

Regular Olympiad and weekly Sieges

There are more opportunities to fight with other players in order to gain respect and dominance.

War for Raid Bosses

Epic bosses have been moved to an open world. The levels of Ant Queen, Orfen and Core have been increased. Their re-spawn time has been considerably reduced. Kill bosses more often and battle for their possession!

Daily arena battles

Age of 1 vs 1 Olympiad is in the past. Now we have 3 vs 3 daily Olympiad matches. Fight randomly chosen enemies from other servers! This is much more interesting than common Olympiad!

Epic Sieges

Fight for a castle with the whole server! Lineage 2 Essence will remind what does it mean to take part in real massive battles. Join a siege with a clan or alone as a mercenary.