Festive season in Elmoreden
Happy Birthday Lineage 2
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Gifts and events
See no reasons why not to have a birthday party for the whole month! Lots of events and fun is here for you in both Lineage 2 and Lineage 2 Essence. We are grateful to the heroes who have been with us all these years. And we are happy to meet newcomers who are just beginning their journey. Let the party begin!
Lineage 2
Gift Calendar
No celebration can go without gifts. Log into the game every day, check in and get rewards every 5 days. The gift of the 10th day is an Iron Strider, and other surprises you might reveal on your own!
Mon Amour
Elmoreden has its own Cupid. However, he does not shoot but gives gifts instead. Visit him in the city every day as he has something to give you — the charming Agathion Angel Chuchu, for example.
Enhance them all
Making equipment better is always risky. But they say that risk is a noble thing.Try your luck with enchanting special staves, upgrade them from +5 to +20 and exchange them for a prize depending on the enchantment level.
RESPECT for you
Fight monsters to get not only the usual rewards, but also event letters. Then compose the words RESPECT and LOVE to get supplies that will be useful for every adventurer.
Beware of her power
Usually you deal with monsters on your own, but not this time. Prepare for the battle with the gloomy Eigis that is going to challenge the whole server. Join the daily raid and gain nice rewards.
Archangels' blessing
Feel the spirit of celebration! Every day you will get a buff for your attacking or defending skills, depending on the time of the day.
The legend that started it all. Huge open world, rich lore, epic battles and more — all you could ever want from an MMORPG.
Lineage 2 Essence