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RF Online combines highly advanced space-age technology with the romantic world of fantasy adventure. Epic PVP battles are at the core of RF Online, as not only guilds, but entire races clash in pursuit of victory. Take advantage of the advanced political system or engage in massive fast-paced PvP and lead your Faction to glory!

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For thousands of years, the three races in lived peacefully with each other on the planet Novus. However, when resources and land slowly became scarce, the three turned against each other. The three races, Bellatians, Corites, and Accretians, are so different from each other in almost every aspect, that historians today are amazed at how they got along with each other for thousands of years in the past. Each race became stronger by surviving and learning from battles with other races. Holy Alliance Cora is a spiritual civilization that relies on their god Dicem for wisdom, guidance, and power. The Accretia Empire is the most technologically advanced; their civilization is heavy machine-based. Bellato Union, the last of the three races, pursues a combination of mechanics and spirit.


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