Ragnarok Online Prime — your favorite game with a new look

The Prime version of Ragnarok Online brings updated mechanics, class skills and an improved interface. The advanced classes and most locations are available from the very beginning. Later on, the new content including features still under development will be added: the Doram Race, the third and fourth classes, unexplored cities and dungeons, and much more.

Professions of Midgard

The key features of Ragnarok Prime are the skill rebalance of many classes, third and higher professions, a new race, and the increased number of levels granting greater development possibilities to every character. First, second, and advanced classes are available from the very beginning as well as Super Novices. Later on, there will be third classes, extended classes, the Doram race, and much more than you could dream of!

Key Features

Ragnarok Online Prime has a lot of key features that bring new aspects to the familiar universe.

Skill rebalance

The skills of many classes have been improved and renewed. New builds and tactics are now available.

More about the changed skills

Renewed mechanic

Mechanics of damage and characteristics is based on the Renewal, and the system of gaining experience is modified. The homunculi and pets systems have been improved. The Prime version has all the best things.

Progressive developing

Third and higher jobs, the Doram race, new MVPs and locations, and all new content, including features still under development, will eventually become available.

Equipment swap and Shadow equipment

A new tab in the equipment window is now available: the Shadow equipment provides new options for the gear, and the change button allows to quickly switch a set of equipment.

Offline trade

Regardless of the job, those who have a special item can open a shop that will sell or buy items while a player is offline.

Renewed interface

The appearance of game panels and buttons has been changed and enhanced. New handy features including auto navigation have become available. It is much easier now to navigate both in the interface and in the game world.

Login and achievements rewards

The system of rewards for login and in-game achievements are built in the menu. By logging into the game daily and completing various tasks one can receive nice gifts and become the best of the best.

Champion Monsters system

Special strong monsters offering greater experience appear in many locations.

The journey continues!

Let's begin

Classic rates:100% EXP/100% DROP/3% Death penaltyBasic Cities:Prontera, Alberta, Geffen, Morroc, Payon, Al De Baran, Izlude, Comodo, Glast Heim, Juno, Umbala, Lutie, Jawaii;Other Locations:Kunlun, Louyang, Niflheim, Geffenia, Amatsu, Ayothaya, Juperos, Lighthalzen, Somatology Laboratory and Kiel Robot Factory;Classes:First, Second, Advanced classes and Super Novices;Platinum Skills:Bioethics, Greed, Redemptio and others.

Iron Age

New locations:Einbroch, Einbech and fieldsClasses:Ninja, GunslingerWOE— the most important GvG-event of Rune-Midgard

The power of Taekwondo

The new update brings the following:New locations:
Hugel — A harmonious secluded town by the foot of a mountain. Better known for its pure air and the Mastela Fruit.
Abyss Lake — Where the dreadful Detardeurus has his lair, it is said that it also hides a colossal treasure.
New Jobs:
Taekwon Kid, Star Gladiator and Soul Linker. The new classes unlock immense power and great abilities, indispensable for both PvP and PvE challenges.

The Holy Lands

This update brought the following content:Divine Artifacts (Godlike items):
Legendary weapons and equipment that make enemies bow down to their godlike power.
New Locations:
The Sacred Pilgrimage Site for Freyja devotees and Arunafeltz States Capital Rachel becomes available as well as the nearby Veins.
New Dungeons:
The Ice Cave, home to many monsters made of ice, including the fierce Ktullanux. Holy Grounds, a five-story dungeon that keeps the Pope’s untold riches.

Episode 14.3 Part 1

31 июля 2020

Nightmare Clock Tower

31 июля 2020

Макс. уровень 175/60

31 июля 2020

Server opening

Iron Age

21 July 2021

The power of Taekwondo

18 august 2021

The Holy Lands

8 September 2021

new update

coming soon


Premium is a special Cash Shop item that gives you a set of bonuses making
the game process much more comfortable.
The Premium will give you the following in-game bonuses

EXP +50% while hunting

Item drop rate +30%

Death penalty reduced to 1%

Inventory +300 slots

Unique cart design

Codes activation

The pre-order packs are no longer being sold. You can still activate pre-order code you might have here. Attention! You will only be able to activate codes until 02.08.2021.