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Ragnarok Online Prime&nbsp;<br /> your favorite game with a&nbsp;new look

Ragnarok Online Prime 
your favorite game with a new look

As the launch of Prime approaches, do not miss the chance of getting one of the pre-order packs, which contain not only exclusive decorative items and consumables with a 50% discount but also access to the CBT.
Surprises are more your thing? Take a spin of our Win-Win Machine to get random items with an up to 35% discount or exclusive costumes.
You will also receive bonuses for every purchase made on the pre-order page. The Freyr’s Brotherhood awaits its heroes.


Midgard Pack
  • CBT Pass×1
  • Premium Box(30 d.)×1
  • All-in-One Ring Box(7 d.)×1
  • Battle Manual×3
  • Job Manual×3
  • Megaphone×5
  • Small Life Potion×15
  • Small Mana Potion×10
  • Guyak Candy×15
  • Infinite Concentration Potion Box×1
  • Poring Hotpot×10
Exclusive gifts
  • Nickname reservation ×1
  • Poring Army Beret ×1
+16 Badges
Valhalla Pack
  • CBT Pass×1
  • Premium Box(60 d.)×1
  • Wing of Beelzebub Box(7 d.)×1
  • Bubble Gum×10
  • Universal Battle Manual×5
  • Universal Job Manual×5
  • Regeneration Potion×5
  • Angeling Potion×10
  • Life Insurance×10
  • Magnificat Scroll×10
  • Blessing of Tyr×15
  • Medium Life Potion×15
  • Aspd Potion×20
  • LV10 Increase Agi Scroll×20
  • LV10 Blessing Scroll×20
  • Guyak Pudding×30
  • Infinite Awakening Potion Box×1
  • Token of Ziegfried×5
  • Megaphone×5
Exclusive gifts
  • Nickname reservation ×2
  • Sash of Dominions ×1
+42 Badges
Asgard Pack
  • CBT Pass×1
  • Premium Box(90 d.)×1
  • Halter Lead×1
  • Battle Manual(24 h.)×1
  • Job Manual(24 h.)×1
  • HE Bubble Gum×5
  • HE Battle Manual×5
  • Megaphone×10
  • Inf. Giant Fly Wing Box(1 h.)×1
  • Party Assumptio 5 Scroll×10
  • Party Blessing 10 Scroll×10
  • Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll×10
  • AGI Biscuit Stick×3
  • DEX Biscuit Stick×3
  • INT Biscuit Stick×3
  • LUK Biscuit Stick×3
  • STR Biscuit Stick×3
  • VIT Biscuit Stick×3
  • HP Increase Potion (Large)×30
  • SP Increase Potion (Large)×30
  • Kafra Card×15
  • Poring Hotpot×25
  • Superb Fish Slice×100
  • Big Bun×25
  • Infinite Berserk Potion Box×1
Exclusive gifts
  • Nickname reservation ×3
  • Popping Poring Aura ×1
+84 Badges

Freyr’s Brotherhood

Get bonuses for purchasing Pre-order packs and playing the Win-Win Machine! For every 0.59 EU spent on our pre-order page, you will get a Freyr’s Badge. For gaining required number of Badges you will receive Treasures!

Freyr’s Treasure — a box that contains a gift. You will receive one of the possible items. Received gifts will be shown on the progress bar. When the server opens they will be available in your RodEx. You can obtain them with any character in your account.


Which version of the game will be launched?

Ragnarok Online Prime. Prime is an enhanced and renewed version of Renewal. It is based on the version of Ragnarok Online that is up to date all over the world. It is this version that will receive all the content that already exists or will be developed in future. Learn more about the version’s features.

What content will be available after CBT and OBT?

The CBT and the OBT will grant access to the same content except the Cash Shop. First, second, and advanced jobs and Super Novices will be available as well as the following locations: Prontera, Alberta, Geffen, Morroc, Payon, Al De Baran, Izlude, Comodo, Glast Heim, Juno, Umbala, Lutie, Jawaii, Gonryun, Louyang, Niflheim, Geffenia, Amatsu, Ayotaya, Juperos, Lighthalzen, Human Experimentation Laboratory, and Robot Factory.
As soon as the OBT starts, items purchased and gifts received during the pre-order time will be sent to your RodEx mail, and the Cash Shop will become available.

What rates are planned for Drop and Experience?

There will be Basic rates: 100% for EXP and 100% for Drop.

What about death penalty?

Death Penalty will be 3%. For Premium owners — 1%.

What packs can I buy during pre-order?

You can buy and activate three packs: Midgard, Valhalla, Asgard.
Each pack has different contents including unique costumes that will not appear in the Cash Shop, during events, or in special offers.

If I buy the most expensive pack, do I automatically receive the contents of the smaller packs?

No. Packs are not connected and don’t include each other. You will receive the contents of all packs you’ve bought if you buy more than 1 pack. For example, if you buy Midgard and Valhalla packs, you’ll get items from both of them. Keep in mind that you can have only one pack of each kind.

What does a crossed-out price for the pre-order packs mean?

A crossed-out price is the total cost of all the items from a pre-order pack if bought separately after the OBT starts. So don’t miss a chance to purchase the items with a huge discount!

When will I receive the items from the packs?

You will receive everything at your RodEx mail with the start of the OBT. None of the items will be delivered during the CBT.

Are there ways to get the packs for free?

Yes! Until the game is released, we will raffle the pre-order packs and access keys in our social networks and through our partners’ resources. Subscribe to the game news on Facebook and Twitter so you won’t miss anything!
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How do I redeem a pre-order pack with a Key code?

A gift code can be activated on the pre-order page. After the activation, the pack will be added to your account and you will receive a notification.
Attention! A code needs to be activated before the activation period expires.
Take note that the code can't be activated if you already have such a pack.
The items from the pack can be collected within a month after the OBT starts.

What should I do with a Key code if I already bought the packs?

All three packs can be added to one account, but only one pack of each kind. First of all, check what pack exactly you have. For example, if you have the Midgard pack and your code is for the Valhalla or the Asgard Pack, don’t worry and activate it right away. If your code is for a pack that you already have, you can always create another account and get your gift there or just send a code to your friend.

Will there be any discounts for the pre-order packs?

No, their price will remain the same throughout the whole sale period.

What is Premium?

The Premium will give you some in-game bonuses:
- EXP +50% while hunting
- Item drop rate +35%
- Inventory +300 slots
- Death penalty reduced to 1%
- Merchant Classes with the [Push Cart] skill learned have the opportunity to learn the [Cart Decoration] skill.
All bonuses are turned on when you activate Premium till its expiration date.
At the pre-order stage you can receive up to 6 Premiums for 30 days per 1 account by purchasing all the pre-order packs.

How many times can I play the Win-Win Machine?

Number of spins is unlimited.
Maximum number of spins per 1 trial — 50.
You can make as many trials as you want. 1 spin costs 0.59 EU.

How can I get my Win-Win Machine rewards?

The same way as the pre-order pack items: by the RoDex mail after the OBT start. You’ll be able to open mail with any character on the account.

Can I transfer my Win-Win Machine rewards to another account?

All items obtained from the Win-Win Machine are sent only to the account from which the purchase has been made. But if you get items which are tradable — do not worry! Such items can be traded with an NPC or another player, sent by RodEX, or sold for zenys. Items marked with «Account bound» cannot be transferred to another account.

What are costume items?

Costume gear is purely decorative. It gives no bonuses and is equipped in special costume slots. The pre-order costume items are available only from the pre-order packs.

How does the Freyr’s Brotherhood system work?

For every 0.59 Euros spent on the pre-order page you receive 1 Freyr’s badge, and you will receive a guaranteed prize for having a certain amount of the badges.
Getting 280 Freyr’s badges opens a unique reward — Aura of Gold.
For every 10 badges over 280 you will receive a guaranteed Freyr’s Treasure. You can learn about the contents of this gift in the Freyr’s Brotherhood section on the pre-order page by clicking on one of the Freyr’s Treasure.
After opening the Treasure, you will randomly receive one of the prizes contained in it. The gifts will be displayed on a special achievement bar in the same section. As soon as the OBT starts, they will be sent by the in-game RodEx mail. You can collect the prize only once, by any character on the account. Please note that some of the items are bound to the account.

What do CBT, pre-OBT and OBT mean?

CBT: During the Closed Beta Test we will perform the stress test of the servers, check users’ interactions with the game platform and the anti-cheat system. We will also collect information about bugs and errors and fix them.
Pre-OBT: During this period we will be occupied with polishing fixes after the CBT, nickname reservation, and the delivery of the pre-order packs, Freyr’s treasures, and the items from the Win-Win machine.
OBT: During the Open Beta Test players can just log into the game without being afraid of wipes. All further progress will be safe.

When does the CBT start?

The CBT start is planned for the beginning of June. Follow our social networks to not miss the news.

Can I access the CBT without purchasing a pack?

No, the CBT access can be gained only from the pre-order packs. However, you can try to get one of the packs for free as described above.

What will happen to my character after the CBT?

After the CBT, at the pre-OBT stage, the progress and also character names and inventories will be wiped.

What about my character’s nickname?

You will have the possibility to save your characters’ names in the designated time period after the CBT. The amount of nicknames saved depends on the owned pre-order packs: 3 for the Asgard Pack, 2 for the Valhalla Pack, and 1 for the Midgard Pack. If you have several packs, the number of saved nicknames is summed up. So you will be able to have up to 6 nicknames reserved if you purchase all packs.

What will be the restrictions for character nicknames?

- Maximum nickname length is 17 symbols;
- All special characters are forbidden, including whitespaces;
- Only English characters are allowed, both uppercase and lowercase, in any combination;
- Numbers are allowed only as part of a nickname;
- Nicknames created using only numbers are forbidden.

How many characters can I create in my account?

6 character slots are available per 1 account. Purchasing pre-order packs allows you to create a character and reserve a nickname at the pre-OBT stage.

When will the game be launched?

Pre-order packs owners will get access to the CBT by the beginning of June. General access to the game will be provided at the OBT, which is planned for the end of June.

What is the business model planned for the game?

Free-to-Play with Premium and Cash Shop.

Can I play the game without installing the 4Game Launcher?

No, the game can be launched only from the 4game platform. But don’t hesitate to install it, as it will allow you not only to play your favorite game but also to stay up to date with the latest news of our projects and take part in all online events, even if you don’t have any social network accounts.

What are the system requirements to play the game?

Operating systemWindows 7 32bit/64bit
CPUIntel Celeron 2.4Ghz / AMD Athlon 3000+
RAM512 Mb
GraphicVideocard with support of DirectX, 3D speed-up and 32 Mb and above
Third-Party Software and componentsDirectX End User Runtime (June 2010) Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 version
Internet connectionavailability of internet connection (modem or LAN)
The maximum screen dimension that Ragnarok Online supports is 2048 x 1440. The 2048 x 1152 screen dimension of the WQHD format is not supported.