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lineage 2

Shine on the new server
Step into the immense universe of cult MMORPG Lineage 2 and challenge other players in heated battles between entire servers!
Shine Maker
Dwarven girls look harmless, but don’t let their cute appearance fool you! Shine Makers have powerful skills that strike many enemies at once, while their mastery of two-handed swords and bows makes them dangerous opponents both in melee and in ranged fights.
Two-handed Sword
Sweet Signal
Summons a magic star-shaped figure that deals magic damage to enemies around you. The more enemies are in the skill area, the higher the damage dealt.
Shining Touch
Imbues your sword with magic and deals magic damage to the target and the area behind them.
Figure Fiesta
Concentrates your magic energy to create a square figure above you. The figure deals magic AoE damage and immobilizes enemies.
Trick Fiesta
Creates a round trap that deals magic damage to surrounding enemies and pulls them to you.
Sweet Signal
Shoots a magic arrow at a star-shaped target that deals magic AoE damage and stuns the target as well as enemies along the way.
Shining Touch
Shoots a magic arrow that deals magic damage to the target.
Figure Fiesta
Creates a mark around the target and shoots a magic arrow at it. The arrow deals magic AoE damage and blocks affected enemies.
Trick Fiesta
Shoots several magic arrows at the target removing invincibility from them. Additionally, deals magic damage to non-invincible targets and applies a debuff that blocks any invincibility effects.
Not bad for a Dwarven girl, right?
The new server is named after Orfen, the fearsome spider boss. She had been slumbering for hundreds of years, but that did not take the edge off her hatred toward Humans and Elves. After her reawakening, she desires nothing more than to cover all Elmoreden with her web. Create a character in this new world and level them up faster than others to thwart the plans of the evil Orfen and other bosses and write your name in history.

The new server launch is always rich on discoveries, new acquaintances and, of course, speedy leveling. The first two months are sure to bring a lot of events and gifts.
Level race
November 29 — December 27
Aspiring adventurers are always highly appreciated in Elmoreden. That is why 150 characters who will gain the most XP in the first month will get valuable prizes. And the winners in their race and class rankings will earn a special reward.
Attendance rewards
December 27 — January 31
It’s always nice to get gifts, and in Elmoreden you can receive them every day! Spend at least 30 minutes in the game daily and collect useful items, from consumables to equipment.
Even more events
November 29 — January 31
You will spend the next two months collecting epic items through a word game, purchasing valuables at the Secret Shop, and conquering dungeons in the new world. The new server festivities will last until January 24.
Come celebrate with us!
Time Rift
The Time Rift is a new cross-server zone from which characters of Lv. 110 and higher can get to four hunting zones. Necropoli and Catacombs inhabited by belligerent angels and demons are divided by difficulty level, so you can easily select one just for you.
Test your strength in dungeons!
Langk Lizardmen Barracks
The Langk lizardmen are very dangerous and bloodthirsty. When going to their lands, gather a party of trusted comrades, and you will get not only more XP but also bonus treasure chests filled with adena, equipment and other valuables. The same applies to the Langk Lizardmen Temple, by the way.
Langk Lizardmen Temple
The divine Coatl appears here every Monday. Kill it, and you will get bonus rewards. However, it may not be as easy as you think, as Coatl’s Lair is a PvP zone and other players are sure to try and stop you to have a go at the boss themselves.

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Test your strength in dungeons!
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