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Leveling up speed


Leveling up complexity


Sociality in PvE


Sociality in PvP

The game is only available in English

lineage 2

Master Class

Make a deal with death

Lineage 2. The legend that started it all. MMORPG with a huge open world and a variety of social features. Become a powerful warrior, play a new class — the Death Knight and join the fight for dominance!
Tales of Hero
Explore the history of the Lineage 2 world together with the Tales of Hero! Collect the Tales, learn about key historical figures and enhance your characteristics. The more information you obtain, the greater your health, attack and defense stats become.

Longing for immortality, Emperor Baium evoked the wrath of the gods and was imprisoned for a whole eternity.

His son, Frintezza, was unable to retain power and thus made a deal with the devil.

It is time to win
The global Master Class update brings not only a long-awaited class but also epic battles for the new territory.

Hunting zone

Meet the new world hunting zone! Your teammates are players from your server. Everybody else turns out to be your enemy. Capture territories, earn points for defeating opponents, and become the Ruler of the Conquest.

New class
Sigel Death Knight

Cursed by the Fire Dragon Valakas, Sigel Death Knight has gained terrifying power. Special skills — auras — make him a trusted companion as well as a mighty fighter. Switch between Auras of Restraint and Fury to achieve the best results during a battle.

Tower of Insolence

Now it’s a dimensional hunting zone! Challenges await in the tower once erected by Emperor Baium. Encounter an elite monster on each floor and join the Slaughter Bathin raid at the end. Compete with others for valuable resources and equipment.

Easy to start playing!


a character

Start your adventure.



Find battle comrades in the recruiting section and on discord channel.


Get 85 lvl
in an hour

Story quests will pave you the path from 1 lvl to 85 lvl


Conquer world-famous
Lineage 2!

Visit dungeons and session zones daily to get more experience and valuable consumables.

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