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Latest chronicles, dimensional sieges, and enemies that you’ve never seen before.

Top-content achievement speed96PvP106Leveling up speed96Self-sufficiency of PvP97Sociality in PvE25Leveling up complexity39PvE49


Homunculus gains their body when you’re sharing blood. It can choose one of five possible forms.


No beast could live without a soul. You’ll have to give a piece of your own soul to a creature, and then the creature will find itself.


Homunculus has to be born in misery as any living creature. Therefore you will have to spend your tears on it.

What is the value of life?

The Homunculus System allows creating an assistant who is visible only for you. However, you will have to sacrifice a part of yourself to give rise to a mysterious entity. No doubt, it’s worth it.


Churing gives its master the power of the element and helps to inflict the most magical damage.


Pallo protects its master against magic, attribute attacks and critical damage.


Ayri makes its creator stronger and faster, increases attack damage and decreases cooldown for skills.


When a master kills monsters Chuchu increases received EXP and gives an additional bonus of Vitality.


Tana helps its master to command elemental forces and inflict the most physical damage.

Here’s a few fast facts:

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Imperial Tomb

A huge underground catacomb that previously served as a tomb for the lords of Elmore has always attracted adventurers and treasure hunters. Is the rumor about incredible riches buried in vaults of these staring walls true? Now it’s a session zone where you can battle monsters and gain treasures. It will be better if you don’t go there alone. Call your teammates.

Tower of Insolence

The gates of this legendary place where Emperor Baium is imprisoned many years are open again! You will have to investigate the tower, go floor by floor, fighting monsters. The higher floor, the stronger enemy. When you defeat monsters, there is a chance to obtain valuable items and an Improved Rune Stone which is required to learn new skills at level 110.

Swamp of Screams

Long ago, this place had been a battlefield in a war between the Elves and the Orcs. Both sides used dark spells, and, as a result, the territory was turned into a poisonous swamp. The swamp was taken over by Marsh Stakatos. Now it’s a high-level hunting zone where you should go with a party. Monsters spawn in a certain time, therefore you have to compete with other players for these spots.

Stylish and strong equipment

There is a great variety of armor sets for different play styles in modern Lineage 2.
Sometimes it’s hard to obtain sets, but there are no level restrictions on the wearing of armor.

Paulina's Twilight Set


It’s your first R-grade armor set. You’ll get it for completing quests after reaching 40 lvl.
Metal sharp inserts in a malachite-green tone: it is saturated with supernatural and burial cold.
Not an ideal one, but perfect for the beginning.

Seraph Armor Set


This armor is your new threshold in leveling up.
It’ll help you to enter your first dungeons and kill primary bosses.
It’s a sturdy equipment with plenty of details in blue-and-white undertones.
The next level gives you wings!

Eternal Armor Set


Your first mighty armor on the way to fame.
A daring red tracery contrasts with a sea-green metal: you will always stand out in the crowd.
This armor can be modified into more powerful sets for both PvP and PvE.

Bloody Eternal Armor Set


Reinforced PvE equipment is in one step from the top gear.
The noble set is decorated with jewelry details and a golden ligature.
Armor can be upgraded to R110, if you accept this arduous challenge.
Bloody Armor Enhancement Stone and Eternal Armor Set are required to obtain Bloody Eternal Armor Set.

Dark Eternal Armor Set


It’s a good-quality PvP-gear. You’ll be safe, no matter how massive sieges are.
Dark blue and dark purple tones of the gear seem to be saying "the one, who puts on the armor will bring only death to others."
Can be upgraded to +5.
Dark Armor Enhancement Stone and Eternal Armor Set are required to obtain Dark Eternal Armor Set.

Leviathan Armor Set


Definitely the best armor for both PvP and PvE.
There are two ways to obtain set: for killing Raid Bosses and by improving Eternal sets.
Lush and light attire with soft pastel colours. Endows the owner with the strength of godlike creature.
The R110 grade armor set has been added when Fafurion Dragon showed up in Elmoreden.

Stronger Raid Bosses and more frequent sieges

Fantastic open-world PvP, battles against the whole server
and massive sieges

Dynamic PvP

This version of the game has everything for long and bright fights:
beautiful effects, a carefully honed balance and a heady intrigue.
You can fight against other players in the open world,
the Grand Olympiad or during the Ceremony of Chaos.

Regular sieges

A good fight is never enough, therefore Castle Sieges,
where hundreds of players can battle, take place
biweekly on Sunday, at 20:00 (server time).

… it just got real!

Baium, Orfen, Lilith and Anakim gained strength
and can now favourably compare with
the menacing dragons — Valakas and Fafurion.
Level up and square off!

Group dungeons

Explore histories of old and new Lineage 2 heroes,
whom you have not known before.

Tauti's Cavern

On a distant floaty Gracia continent, where before there was peace and order, bit by bit the darkness started to take it over: Shilen’s Servant, gloomy Tauti, keeps these lands, floating in the air, in horror. The rumor is that he used to be a simple dwarf — archaeologist, but an ancient сursed axe turned the dwarf into a monster.

107 level characters can now dare to fight with the cursed creature and to obtain rare and precious rewards.

Orbis Temple

The Darkness engendered by Shilen continues to plague the world. It has reached an ancient holy place — Orbis Temple, the sepulchre of heroes from giant’s era. In the subsoil thereof can be heard wheel’s hum and thunder: hero Octavis is hurtling in his chariot. Previously, Octavis was a rebel leader,
but he betrayed his comrades.

107 lvl characters can meet the perpetual keeper of the Orbis Temple.

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