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Grand Crusade Update

It’s time to fight like never before

Etis van Etina - Embryo’s leader has decided to become a new god and gathered all Seven Signs. It’s time to save Elmoreden once again!
Fight the new raid, experience changes in Iss and Sigel classes, hunt in the Shadow of Mother tree and develop your clan with the new system - all in this new update.

System Changes

Clan System

  • Clan features were changed:
    • Max clan level was increased from 11 to 15;
    • Squads and academies were removed;
    • All clan members are divided into 3 categories: Clan Leader, normal and elite clan members;
    • Clan rights are given based on a category as before;
    • Max number of clan members and clan possibilities have been changed:
Clan level0123456789101112131415
Max number of clan members10152030405080100110120130140150160170200
Max number of elite clan members-----812151618192022232529
Clan possibilitiesClan missions​
Clan features, Throne of heroes participation, Item production​
CH Auction participation​
CH and fortress sieges availability​
  • The level requirements for owning a CH has been increased:

    • Auctionable CH 2 -> 4;
    • Hot Springs CH 3 -> 5;
    • Contestable CHs 4 -> 5;
    • Fortresses 4 -> 6.
  • A new way to upgrade a clan level has been introduced:

    • Not only CL can now upgrade clan level;
    • To upgrade a clan level only CRPs will be required, no special items;
    • Clan level can be upgraded in clan management menu;
    • Players can earn Personal Fame by contributing CRP to Clan;
    • Contribution rating is calculated every Wednesday at 7 AM;
    • Contribution is reset if the player leaves the clan;
  • All Clans receive the following CRP:

Clan Lv. 5 10 000 CRP
Clan Lv. 6 20 000 CRP
Clan Lv. 7 30 000 CRP
Clan Lv. 8 60 000 CRP
Clan Lv. 9 90 000 CRP
Clan Lv. 10 150 000 CRP
Clan Lv. 11 240 000 CRP
Clan Lv. 12 290 000 CRP
Clan Lv. 13 390 000 CRP
Clan Lv. 14 490 000 CRP
Clan Lv. 15 590 000 CRP

  • Clan skills that existed earlier were replaced by Clan Characteristics:
    • Clan gets 1 Clan development point for every clan level upgrade, starting from level 5;
    • To reset an available Clan Characteristic 10 000 CRPs are required;
    • Clan development points are returned when clan Characteristics are reset, but CRPs are not refunded.
  • Clan Characteristics can be: combat, clan, war specialty:
    • Every Characteristic can be permanent or temporary;
    • Clan Characteristics don't work on Olympiad and in a case of negative CRPs;
    • Some Clan Characteristics can be enhanced with Engraving effects for 15 days;
  • Clan Management Functions have been moved from Priests to Clan Management Menu.

Clan Missions

  • Clan missions are required to finish to obtain CRP and other rewards:
    • Clan missions are available only to clan members;
    • Clan mission are available through Clan management menu (Alt+N);
    • When finished a mission, a character received CRP for their clan and Fame points;
    • If you unlocked Clan Feature of level 3, Special missions become available;
    • Clan mission progress doesn't depend on certain members or a number of clan members, it is kept even if characters enter and leave the clan.
  • Missions can have several levels of difficulty and specialization
    • There are 16 normal missions (for usual players), 18 (for noblesse), 20 (for exalted) per week and they don't require too much time to complete;
    • Hard missions are not limited but they require a lot of effort and time;
    • Achievement missions are one-time missions, but they have several stages of completion;
    • Event missions are available only for certain periods of time and can give an extra reward;

Clan Shop

  • Clan Shop is available though clan management interface (Alt+N);
  • Clan Shop availability depends on clan privileges of a certain member;
  • Players can exchange CRP and adena for clan items and other resources;
  • Goods are divided into regular and registered items;
  • Registered items become available when the requirements for their production is met;
  • Registered items require certain clan specialization and can be activated through clan management menu.

Throne of Heroes

  • New instance zone with clan rating has been added - Throne of Heroes:
    • The zone is reset every Wednesday at 6:30 server time;
    • Clan can enter the zone though NPC in Hunter Village;
    • Clan level 5+ and characters of level 99+ are required to enter in a Command Channel with 14-100 characters;
    • Some buffs will be removed upon entrance;
    • Zone is locked for the clan for 45 minutes since the entrance;
    • Resurrection skills don't work, but Salvation can be used.
  • Clans form a special Throne of Heroes rating as a result of the instance zone clearance:
    • Clan receives points for killing bosses in the zone;
    • The rating is calculated every week;
    • Clans that received 2nd and 3rd place receive 10% and 5% of rating points.
  • As a result, CRP is added to the clan:
Place Reward, CRP:
1 70 000
2 35 000
3 20 000
4 20 000
5 15 000
6 10 000
7 2 500
8 2 500
9 2 500
10 2 500
  • CRP now is a part of clan development progress:
    • Clan development consists of CRP and obtaining Fame through Clan missions, Hero status, CoC championship and is calculated for each clan member individually;
    • Players of level 40+ and with 2nd class can get rewards for contributing to the clan development;
    • Clan development status is reset if the clan is disbanded;
    • Clan members activity now can be tracked with clan development status.
  • Due to clan system renovation, all CRP of clans were decreased by 90%:
    • As a compensation, all decreased CRPs were transformed into Clan tokens and transferred to clan warehouse;
  • Clan tokens can be exchanged for new items at Clan Merchants in Rune.
  • Current Personal Fame has been reset and converted into Personal Fame Tokens that can be exchanged for new goods.
  • Clan pets now give Clan tokens instead of CRPs.
  • All clan entries were removed and need to be entered again if needed.
  • CRP reward has been changed for the following content:
Content Achievement Reward, CRP:
Olympiad Hero Status 75 000
Ceremony of Chaos Winner 150 000
Siege Capturing a castle from NPC 145 000
Capturing a castle from another clan 180 000
Mercenary victory 220 000
Dimensional siege Mark of Glory 15 000
Fortress Siege Fortress capture 40 000
Contestable CHs Victory over NPC CH (Devastated Castle, Fortress of the Dead, Fortress of Resistance) 65 000
Victory over clan-owned CH (Rainbow Springs Chateau, Wild Beast Reserve, Bandit Stronghold) 55 000
Mercenary Victory (Rainbow Springs Chateau, Wild Beast Reserve, Bandit Stronghold) 25 000
  • Penalties:
    • Siege (mercenary defeat) -60 000 CRPs;
    • Contestable CH (defeat) -20 000 CRPs;
    • Clan War canceling -10 000 CRPs;
    • Clan War fights CRP deduction is the same (+-1 CRP).

Fortress System

  • The payment fee for registering for the fortress siege has been increased 250 000 -> 1 000 000 adena.
  • HP and stats of fortress NPC have been increased.
  • HP and stats of Dungeon Bosses have been increased.
  • Fortress Talisman Boxes can be obtained from NPC Support Unit Captain in fortresses or from NPC Court Wizard in castles.
  • Suspicious Merchant no longer sells goods.
  • Suspicious Merchant appears in 24h after the fortress has been captured.
  • Class Talismans are no longer sold.
  • New Fortress Talisman Boxes have been added, it gives a random 15-day Talisman when opened:
Talisman Effect
Fortress Talisman - Vitality Vitality bonus +10%
Fortress Talisman - P. Skill Power P. Skill Power +5%
Fortress Talisman - M. Skill Power M. Skill Power +5%
Fortress Talisman - P. Atk. P. Atk. +5%
Fortress Talisman - M. Atk. M. Atk. +5%
Fortress Talisman - P. Def. P. Def. +10%
Fortress Talisman - M. Def M. Def +10%
Fortress Talisman - Atk. Spd. Atk. Spd. +5%
Fortress Talisman - Casting Spd. Casting Spd. +5%
Fortress Talisman - P. Accuracy P. Accuracy +16
Fortress Talisman - M. Accuracy M. Accuracy +16
Fortress Talisman - Shield Def. Shield Def. +50%
Fortress Talisman - Max HP Max HP +10%
Fortress Talisman - Max MP Max MP +10%
Fortress Talisman - Movement Speed Speed +15

Dimensional Sieges

Dimensional Raids


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